Afghanistan Water, Agriculture & Technology Transfer Program
(AWATT, Agricultural Resource Economics)
A multidisciplinary team at Colorado State University is using its water resource knowledge to stabilize rural Afghan agriculture and encourage economic development. The team is part of a larger consortium receiving $20 million grant from the United States Aid for International Development (USAID).
   "Pumping Water = Serious Business," the Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise Program, College of Business
Small Engines for Economic Development (SEED) chose as their project the challenge of developing and selling a fuel efficient micro-diesel engine pump-set that could eventually be run on bio-fuel. Four graduate students set out for a full summer in Bangladesh, Ethiopia and India to test the micro-diesel concept and find out exactly what their customers needed, wanted and could realistically afford.
   Wood in Neotropical Headwater Streams, Costa Rica & Panama
Numerous studies document the geomorphic and ecological importance of wood in temperate headwater streams. Although the majority of existing literature on instream wood comes from the Pacific Northwest, within the past decade studies from elsewhere in the U.S., as well as Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America have expanded our understanding of regional differences that influence instream wood.
   Designing a Phased Potable Water System for San Antonio Abad, El Salvador (EWB/CSU)
San Antonio Abad is in northern El Salvador, near the small town of Candelaria de la Frontera, and 11 km from Santa Ana, the nearest city. During the rainy season water is plentiful in shallow aquifers.
   Water and Sanitation in Honduras Peace Corps Masters International
The Peace Corps Honduras Water and Sanitation program focuses primarily (although not exclusively) on the water issues related to the rural population. The rural population accounts for 55% of the total 7.5 million people in Honduras.
   Climate and Water Resources in Mongolia
Climate change is an important driver for water resources and their availability, especially in the context of rangeland resources for the Mongolian herder community. With the potential impact of climate change in mind, researchers from the Warner College of Natural Resources went to Mongolia for a research planning visit in June 2008.
   Land & Water Quality of Life in the Peruvian Amazon
(EWB Fort Collins Chapter/CWI)
The village of Santa Rosa de Dinamarca, located on the Ucayali River in the Peruvian Amazon, has requested the assistance of EWB - FC in the design and construction of a potable water supply and distribution system and in the demarcation of technical boundaries for their territory.
   Modeling Complex Interactions of Overlapping River & Road Networks in a Changing Landscape, Puerto Rico
The importance of road and river network intersections in determining dynamic changes to landscapes will be tested using individual/agent-based simulation modeling that integrates field-based physical, biological and social sub-models.