CSU Internationalization Strategy (pdf)
The guiding principle for the CSU international strategy should be "Critical Choices for a Critical Century: Matching the Land-Grant University to a Global Mission." This principle points to the special niche for Colorado State University, namely to combine our world-class research efforts in several fields and our commitment to the land-grant mission.
   Water Internationalization Strategy (pdf)
Colorado State University has a rich legacy of visionary leadership for international water programs dating back to the 1950s and culminating with the large USAID funded projects in Pakistan and Egypt in the 1980s. While these projects are long since completed, they created an enduring network of CSU graduates that are now highly placed in water and natural resource ministries around the globe. Renewing these international relationships, along with cultivating a strengthened network of CSU water faculty, will enable CSU to reinvigorate its international water presence to address the global water resources problems of the 21st Century.
   Global Water Colloquium Program (pdf)
The Global Water Research Colloquium was the first of many steps in communicating our successes and vision for water research. This Colloquium is a tribute to the many outstanding water research faculty at CSU and we anticipate that this is just a starting place for more communication and collaboration among the faculty that apply their disciplines to water. We are pleased to link this event to Hydrology Days and the 50th Anniversary of Watershed Science at CSU to create a week-long dialog on water at CSU for our faculty, students, research partners and alumni to look forward future challenges and continued successes in water research.
   Proceedings of Hydrology Days
Hydrology Days has been held on the campus of Colorado State University each year since 1981. Hydrology Days is a unique celebration of multi-disciplinary hydrologic science and its closely related disciplines. The Hydrology Days vision is to provide an annual forum for outstanding scientists, professionals and students involved in basic and applied research on all aspects of water to share ideas, problems, analyses and solutions. The focus includes the water cycle and its interactions with land surface, atmospheric, ecosystem, economic and political processes, and all aspects of water resources engineering, management and policy.
   Colorado Water Newsletter (pdf)
Any recounting of the great global water challenges ends up sounding a lot like the list of major water problems in ColoradoŚrapid development, limited supplies, competition between human and natural needs, transboundary disputes, and the search for workable paradigms for water management. This issue of Colorado Water focuses on current efforts at CSU to bring Colorado water expertise to other countries around the globe...