Executive Water Leadership Seminar
Setting the Stage for Integrated Interdisciplinary
Water Planning & Management
August 10-14, 2009 - Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado
The Executive Water Leadership Seminar is a five day retreat that aims at providing a venue for a small group of friends, colleagues, and advisors from around the world to discuss the most current technological, theoretical and practical developments in the water sector. From topics like Conflict, Resolution and Mediation to the challenges we face with water supply, water demand and water quality, CSU faculty and Colorado water managers will lead the participants through a series of discussions on the following session themes:
  • Adaptation to Climate Change and Water Stress
  • Transboundary Water Challenges
  • State of the Art Water Decision Support Systems
  • The Economics of Water
  • Current Trends in Water Science and Engineering
Within each theme, we will be covering discussion topics with the goal of understanding past, present and future challenges water managers and decision-makers continue to face. The discussions will give participants an opportunity to see how water managers are adapting to changing political and environmental climates, setting the stage for implications that such behavior has on an international scale. Click HERE to download the EWLS Schedule!